Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I wish I could look this effortless and cool.
Laidback and chic.
Comfortable yet super stylish.

All hard things to pull off, yet she does it so well!

Monday, July 17, 2017


I have always wanted to dye my hair a soft pastel pink or get pink highlights.  Although I have had my hair dyed here and there through the years, I have never been brave enough to actually take the plunge.

When I was working, it wouldn't have been professional.  I've also had a fear of it looking ridiculous or now that I'm a stay at home mom and don't have to worry as much about professionalism with my five and one year old, I have to worry if it might be strange showing up at school things with pink hair. Oh, what's a girl to do?

photo source

Maybe one day I'll just go for it, but for now I'll just admire it from afar!

photo source

photo source

photo source

Would you ever dye your hair a more unnatural color?  Do you like pastel shades or neons? I also think a soft lilac is so pretty!

Friday, July 14, 2017


Hello there lovelies!  I hope you are all well!  I know my last post was titled moody blues because I had been having an off day that day.  Unfortunately it hasn't quite improved.  Do any of you struggle with feeling a sense of helplessness when you can't "control" things?  This may be a heavy topic for a blog,  but in all honesty I'm someone who loves having things set up, planned, organized.

 I'm not one that does well with not knowing what's going to happen or when things are out of my control.  I worry and worry some more.  Do any of you suffer from that as well?  I know I need to "let go" sometimes and be a bit more easy going though when things don't go according to my plan ( besides I need to remember, my plan isn't always the best plan).  It's a working progress, that's for sure, but at least I'm trying.

photo source

My goal this week, relax, let go

photo source

Doesn't that look peaceful?  Do you have ways of letting go and worrying less?

Thursday, July 13, 2017


 It's been kind of an off day.
Do you ever have days filled with a wide range of emotions? Not often do I have a day where I've had such fun for part of the day yet also had some really stressful moments too.

 Anyway, it got me thinking about something.  
Do you have something in your closet that when you put on, it helps you get out of your funk?

photo source

 Something that makes you feel good?
A piece of clothing, like a super chic dress or a pretty blouse?

 Or possibly a certain accessory cheers you up, like a sentimental piece of jewelry, a fun hat, or an amazing pair of heels?

 Fashion can definitely have an effect on your mood.  It's not just me that feels this way, right? Does any piece in your closet come to mind as a mood lifter?  

Sunday, July 09, 2017


Don't you just love this look?  I love everything about it!  The gorgeous skirt paired with a simple white tee, so the skirt can be the stand out piece.  And those pale pink high heels are so pretty and lady like!  LOVE!!

I love high waisted skirts, do you?  Most of the time that style can be super flattering, especially if you have an extra pound or two around your stomach area, that can often times be hidden beautifully by a high waisted skirt.

The black tulle high waisted skirt above is so pretty!  I love skirts made of tulle, so feminine and fun!  The hue below is so pretty! Sort of peachy, sort of a coral shade, either way, gorgeous!  And did you notice those bow high heels?!?

I love how the girl above accessoriesed her high waisted maxi with a belt!  And the girl below looks great pairing a navy blue high waisted skirt with a striped button down and bright red high heels! 

photo source

What's your favorite look?  
Do you wear high waisted skirts?  
What's your favorite way of styling them?

Saturday, July 08, 2017


Today my kids and I made lemon cupcakes!  I was in the mood to bake something and was leaning towards blueberry muffins since we still have a lot of fresh blueberries left from picking last week, but my son wanted cupcakes,  and surprisingly lemon.  I myself, like all cupcakes, well to be honest, I like almost all desserts, haha, but I thought for sure he would pick chocolate.  However, the lemon ones were delicious! We made regular size cupcakes and mini ones too, which was good for me, so I could eat a couple without feeling completely terrible!  I've been trying to eat healthier these last few weeks.  I wouldn't mind losing just a couple of pounds. 

So instead of cupcakes, I should be eating this: 

photo source

Which don't get me wrong, I love fruits, but I do have a sweet tooth!  Goodness, dieting can be no fun!  What about you all?  Are any of you on any type of diet?  If so, what are your go to recipes? 

I'm really into nuts and seeds right now. 

photo source

 My current favorite seeds right now are raw pumpkin seeds and my go to nuts are raw almonds and a little bit of walnuts too.  Pair nuts and seeds with a a little bit of dried fruit and it's super yummy! Although you really have to watch the sugar content on dried fruit.  Do you have a favorite healthy snack?  

Friday, July 07, 2017


Lucy Hale has always been my favorite prettiest little liar, on the show and off.  I didn't realize I could love her style more until she chopped off her hair this last year or so and has been unstoppable ever since!

Her short do looks great in any shade. 

And her style is always on point.  

She's definitely someone I would love to swap closets with! 

 Her haircut is also perfect for summer!  What do you think?  Anyone else have a little style envy?


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